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Poslaťod Tarhiel » 01 Aug 2013, 04:39

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Určite ste zachytili pápežove slová ohľadne homosexuálov, tak trošku článkov k nim, z oboch strán barikád (vďaka Akkalabeth za upozornenie): ... gejov.html ... osexuality ... am-i-judge ... gmg-26831/

Francis delivers some bracing truth in Brazil

Well before Pope Francis ever visited Brazil, commentators had compiled a standard checklist of descriptors to capture his style: simple, humble, warm and close to the people. Certainly nothing that's happened over the last seven days has dislodged those perceptions. Given the last 48 hours, however, we probably need to add another phrase to the set: "bracingly honest." ... uth-brazil

Humanae Vitae at 45: A Personal Story
Recalling that today, July 25, is the 45th anniversary of Pope Paul VI's encyclical Humanae Vitae makes me cringe. I feel like a person who has witnessed a tragic event and wonder if I could have done more to prevent it. ... onal-story

Today, the Jesuits have the last laugh
The Jesuits were actually the first religious order to conduct missionary work in Brazil, arriving ahead of the Franciscans and Benedictines in the middle of the 16th century. The Jesuits were brought along by the Portuguese colonizers, and initially enjoyed the strong support of the imperial authorities. ... last-laugh

Toto hovorím už dávno, ale v prvom rade to musia byť dobré, kvalitné filmy, až potom to môžu byť kvalitné filmy s rodinnými hodnotami (lebo často sa to zvrtne na „film o rodinných hodnotách“ kvality lacných televíznych inscenácií a lá STV):
'Family values' entertainment needs to also tell great stories ... at-stories

Praying the news to avert despair
Even those of us who know the importance of being well-informed have to admit that too much news consumption can be dangerous to our mental well-being. I gave up the nightly local TV news years ago because its heavy emphasis on crime was making me paranoid. "If it bleeds, it leads" was leading me to believe an attacker was around every corner. ... rt-despair

Schüller a jeho výzva k neposlušnosti
One problem of which Schüller is well aware is that U.S. priests face a different situation than those in his country. There, in 2006, he and fellow clergy members founded the Austrian Priests' Initiative to spur open discussions about problems in the Catholic church and later gained international attention with their "Call to Disobedience." ... nati-crowd ... rch-people
Shalebridge Lurker, obsessive gaymer, insta-nerd and other Taffin´ interests. Also, I am an UNN von Braun Officer.
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