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Poslaťod Tarhiel » 05 Feb 2014, 21:25

Zdravím všetkých,

pri tohtotýždňových novinkách:

Znamená to, že sme vyhrali?
European Parliament asks for EU LGBTI roadmap in landmark report ... rk-report/

Homeless transgendered woman murdered in Rome honored by Jesuits
Transgendered and homeless, she left Colombia for Italy in search of a society that could accept her for who she was -- a man who felt like a woman.

Gay Marriages Confront Catholic School Rules
Eastside Catholic prides itself on teaching acceptance. At the end of Crusader Way, by the school’s entrance, banners hang celebrating “relationships” and exhorting passers-by to “remember to take care of each other.” Students use a sign-language gesture to remind one another of the school’s emphasis on unconditional love. ... ml?hp&_r=1 ... index.html

The Pope's Sex Problem: Catholic Survey Reveals Frustrated Flock
The Vatican last year sent out a survey to Catholics around the world focusing on attitudes to sex and sexuality. The responses are now in -- and they show that the Church is badly in need of reform. Can Pope Francis meet such expectations? ... ngs-family ... 46069.html

13minútové video z GIN (Global Interfaith network) konferencie: ...
Shalebridge Lurker, obsessive gaymer, insta-nerd and other Taffin´ interests. Also, I am an UNN von Braun Officer.
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