Drug-fueled gay orgy arrest rocks Vatican

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Drug-fueled gay orgy arrest rocks Vatican

Poslaťod matus » 20 Júl 2017, 07:41

dostal som a preposielam, jejdaaa.. :

"VATICAN CITY- The monsignor who was arrested by the Vatican Gendarmerie following a raid on an apartment in the Palazzo dell’ex Sant’Uffizio, in which a soirée fuelled by drugs and homosexual activity was taking place, has been revealed as Monsignor Luigi Capozzi, Il Fatto Quotidiano has reported.
Salerno native Capozzi was the secretary to Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio, the President of the Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts, and the Cardinal is said to have previously recommended Capozzi for promotion to the rank of bishop.
According to the Italian newspaper, the apartment chosen for the party in June, belongs to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which is ironically the department responsible for tackling issues of clerical sexual abuse.
The apartment in question, in a building opposite the Santa Marta residence of Pope Francis, is reserved for superiors such as presidents of the prefect and secretaries of the Roma Curia, not for monsignors.
When the Vatican Gendarmerie entered the room, they reportedly caught Monsignor Capozzi and others red-handed, performing a gay orgy whilst clearly under the influence of drugs.
Capozzi was then consequently removed by the authorities before being taken to the Roman Pius XI clinic to recover from the effects of the narcotics. He then briefly spent time in a monastery before being transferred to the Gemelli Hospital in Rome.
It is assumed that the monsignor would enter the Vatican through the Piazza Sant’Uffizio, which is Italian territory and therefore out of control for the Vatican Gendarmerie and Swiss Guards.
Consequently, the hedonistic clergyman could enter the premises freely, day or night, with uncontrolled access and clearly without being searched.
Monsignor Capozzi travelled in a luxurious car, assigned to the prelate and complete with a Holy See license plate, so that he could transport the drugs into the Vatican without being stopped by police.
Capozzi was ordained as a priest in Amalfi in 1992, and worked in the Catholic Church until was appointed to be chaplain of then Pope Benedict XVI, thus earning him the title of Monsignor.
Following the news of the monsignor’s arrest, sources close to the Vatican said that the Argentine Pope was “enraged” and that he was considering accelerating the pension package of Cardinal Coccopalmerio for his ties to the scandal.
The usual age for retirement of cardinals is 75-years-old, but Coccopalmerio is now 79, following this latest debacle some members of the clergy are calling for the Cardinal to call time on his career.
“He had proposed this secretariat for an episcopate. Lucky that they didn’t nominate him as a bishop. Then what would have happened?” a prelate told Il Fatto Quotidiano.

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Re: Drug-fueled gay orgy arrest rocks Vatican

Poslaťod Ester » 20 Júl 2017, 09:54

Nie som zbehlá v angličtine, no pri týchto správach sa zakaždým pýtam, či sa dá overiť tento zdroj tejto informácie a nakoľko je spoľahlivý.
Aj zo slovenských františkánov urobili nemenované zdroje zaručene pedofilnú kauzu.
Nikoho sa nezastávam, ani neobhajujem; lenže pri dnešných hoaxoch už médiam len tak neverím.
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Re: Drug-fueled gay orgy arrest rocks Vatican

Poslaťod matus » 20 Júl 2017, 10:31

ahoj Ester, mám to od kamoša, ktorý má overené - "z prvej ruky" zdroje
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