clanok v denniku Pravda: Patriarcha dôrazne odsúdil sobáše h

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clanok v denniku Pravda: Patriarcha dôrazne odsúdil sobáše h

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Patriarcha dôrazne odsúdil sobáše homosexuálov

Kirill (na snímke), moskovský patriarcha a celej Rusi, ostro slovne zaútočil proti uzatváraniu zväzkov medzi gejmi a medzi lesbami. „Prijímanie zákonov o jednopohlavných manželstvách vo viacerých štátoch ničí morálny charakter človeka a vyvoláva také pobúrenie ako zákony fašistického Nemecka," vyhlásil podľa stanice BBC na univerzite v Biškeku. Patriarcha je presvedčený, že takéto právne normy nemožno uznávať. Dodal, že verí, že ľudia povstanú proti manželstvám homosexuálov, ako to bolo napríklad v prípade boja proti fašizmu a apartheidu. (zah)

or also an english article:

Moscow, May 29 (IANS) The head of the Russian Orthodox Church on Monday said legislation allowing same-sex marriage in Western countries represented a complete break with morality and evoked the same popular resentment as Nazi laws and apartheid.
Kirill, Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia, made these comments while presenting his new book, “Freedom and Responsibility: In Search of Harmony”, in Kyrgyzstan’s capital Bishkek.
“Unfortunately, in some countries in the West, for the first time, they have adopted laws that break with the moral nature of man and his conscience: the laws on so-called homosexual marriage,” said Kirill.
He added that “the people rose up against” these laws for the same reason they rebelled against other immoral laws, such as the ones promulgated by Nazi Germany or South Africa during apartheid, Efe news reported.
“When the law breaks the link with morality, it ceases to be acceptable to the people, and it generates protests,” Kirill said.
The Orthodox leader recalled the “vast demonstrations” of Catholics in France against the adoption of same-sex marriage legislation, which was passed on May 18, 2013.
“Believers were dispersed by police only because they were against the fact that four or five people in the Senate decided the fate of these terrible laws under which the whole country was forced to live,” said Kirill.
He added that this was the result of “an emphasis on freedom with complete disregard for moral responsibility”.
According to the Patriarch, people who are “really free” can never break the link between freedom and moral responsibility.
“I am deeply convinced that the historical temptation that has led some countries to adopt these out-of-the-ordinary laws will pass, because otherwise human society will become unsustainable,” he added.
Human rights groups have often criticised Russia’s treatment of LGBT people, citing the surge in homophobic attacks, violence and hate crimes since the passing of a 2013 law criminalising “gay propaganda” ostensibly directed at children.
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